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Your Ultimate Social Media Marketing Resource!

The Ultimate Social Media Training.

Social Media can be tricky but it doesn't have to be!


Feeling that everyone else is further ahead than you sucks. It can quickly lead to burnout or just plain giving UP! 

I've been there!


Struggling with finding my way on social media and feeling unmotivated about it. That's why I created SPAcademy, where you will learn ALL my trade secrets to REAL social media growth, securing brand deals, creating engaging content, and more! 

In this private Slack community you will have access to:

  • Growth hack tools that work on social

  • Finding trending keywords 

  • Staying top of mind for your audience

  • How to work with the algorithm 

  • Securing brand deals 

  • How to stand out on social

  • And soooo much more for an UNREAL price!

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  • Instagram
  • LinkedIn
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Hey! I'm Kal!

  • Over 10 years in social media marketing

  • Helped over 100 entrepreneurs and small businesses

  • Crafted compelling brand narratives

  • Mastered authentic engagement techniques

  • Led interactive training workshops

  • Provides insider insights and proven tactics

Step 1: Monthly Access: $49

*no commitment, cancel anytime

Step 2: Accept Slack invitation in your email

*Make sure you enter the correct email at checkout. Email will be sent within 24 hours.

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